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 Order -- It's All Straw -- a portrait of Dystopia with a proposal for Utopia and finally a trip to Paradise. 

A political fantasy or probably you would like to meet the Archangel Raphael or Father Azarias?

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Welcome to the World of Richard!

And his several Alter Egos

First he fancies himself a Writer and Philosopher -- you will find his commentaries under the tab Richard's Remarks.

Secondly he likes to think of himself as a World Traveler -- Unlike Marco Polo he did not bring back novelties such as spaghetti, trousers and paper money.  His wanderings will be found by pushing the Richard's Rovings button.

Thirdly he considers himself a humorist -- so tap the key for Dick's Dwouds.

Fourthly Friends, Family and Others.  Only pleasant words will be used in this tab

When other facets of Richard's Id are identified they will be added if appropriate.

If you find much of this Web Site empty -- it is because Richard is still in the process of populating it.